Three selected composers and their works will receive:


    A chance to work with Barbora (virtually) on their composition 

  • An audio/ video recording produced together with Barbora

  • A virtual premiere of their work in the month of December



- Scores will be accepted from all composers of any age, nationality, and stage of their careers.

- Composition cannot be longer that 15 min duration

- The composition must be a complete work – no single movements of multi-movement works will be accepted.

- Instrumentation may include the following:

violin, pre recorded electronics



How to Apply:

The submission period will be from October 13th to October 31st. Applicants will be required to submit the following through the link below:

  • A .pdf file of the composition score. Multi-movement pieces should be submitted together as one combined .pdf file. (10MB maximum file size)

  • A link to an audio or video recording- not required!
    Recordings must be complete (no excerpts). Both live recordings and MIDI are acceptable. If submitting MIDI please take the time to create an audio file which sounds as realistic as is possible. Composers submitting a piece for electronics/amplified instruments must submit a live performance or studio recording (not MIDI). Multi-movement pieces should be submitted together as one combined submission. Please edit out any tuning/clapping. Please make sure links are view-able without a password.


  • Submissions do NOT need to be anonymous.

  • Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged by return email.

  • Previously performed works are acceptable.

  • Composers may submit a maximum of two (2) submissions, but must do so in separate form submissions.

  • International applicants, please translate all text to English.

  • Scores/Recordings of pieces with multiple movements should be sent together as one file (do not submit individual movements separately).

  • 10 megabytes (MB) is the maximum size for attachments.


  • By submitting to tis call, the composer gives permission to record audio and video of the submitted piece, and upon winning, to provide Barbora with a headshot, biographical information, and the score and parts in pdf format. 

  • Composer also gives permission for the final audio and video recording to be published on various websites and social media sites. 

  • Any questions regarding the competition should be directed HERE.


Deadline to apply is October 31st, 2020


Selected composers will be announced on November 2nd, 2020


~~To apply click HERE~~

You may also submit all materials to: